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Artist's Statement


My current work is a reflection of Lake Superior’s Chequamegon Bay area. The south shore of Lake Superior is aesthetically rich and complex, both in terms of its people and its natural resources. With this work, I link art and nature in a way that draws attention to, and generates a deeper appreciation for, the interdependent habitats and ecosystems supporting the diverse flora and fauna of the Chequamegon Bay area. 

These whimsical mixed-media mosaics incorporate an assortment of ceramic tile,stained glass, and found objects such as pottery and tile shards, buttons, bicycle chains,flatware, bullet shell casings, beads and vintage jewelry. They also include hand-made stamped tiles that convey information, quotes from literature, ideas and emotions about the particular animal or plant, such as scientific information, clutch size, nesting habits, diet, habitat and calls.


These works appeal to the viewer on many different levels. As he or she is drawn to a flashy assortment of color, materials, patterns and textures, the viewer gains some specific knowledge or feeling about each plant or animal. My goal is to present dynamic, whimsical works of art in their own right that may also serve as effective educational tools relevant to the particular animal or plant portrayed. The stamped tiles in most of the pieces convey information, ideas and emotions about the image that are intended to help the viewer gain specific knowledge or feelings about that plant or creature and the ecosystem that it inhabits.

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